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Mexico City - #VamosRams

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Hubby and I were representing the Rams in Mexico City!

This July my husband, Michael and I traveled to Mexico City, Mexico along with Eric Dickerson, Luis Perez and the Kansas City Chiefs LB Reggie Ragland to do media promotions for the Rams vs Chiefs game in Estadio Azteca on November 19,2018. We stayed at the InterContinental Presidente for four days and while it was nice to be away, the days were packed full of activities.

On the first day, we toured Xochimilo, Distrito Federal, Mexico and I learned that Xochimilo means “where the flowers grow.” This major tourist area is built on an old Colombian town where they take their guests on chinampas which means “floating gardens.” This boat that can hold about 15 people and is stirred by locals with a stick. The highlight of the boat ride was definitely Michael being captain and being the complete character he is.

After our boat ride we traveled to Jardin Centenario (Centennial Gardens) for more game day promotions and everyone was so welcoming! We met so many Rams fans that day, including an older lady who was shy at first about asking for a photo until Michael pulled her over for a photo and I truly believe Michael gained a personal fan for life. The Gardens were probably the highlight of the day for me. The buildings and fountains were absolutely gorgeous and historic.

The next day we participated in Tochitoflag which is a form of a Play 60 event. I just love watching Michael interact with the kids. He is so genuine and such a mentor in every aspect in how he interacted them. We also met the “biggest rams fan of the universe” or so he said. He was so such a sweet guy.

By far, my favorite media outing we has was the visit to Facebook where the guys participated in a Facebook Live question and answer session. They were asked a lot of fun questions including if they preferred tacos or burritos. The last stop of the day was for interviews with Sergio Dipp at ESPN and a foosball tournament.

One of the highlights for me, was definitely the authentic non-Americanized Mexican food. The San Angel Inn Restaurant actually CREATED the Margarita and the food will definitely catch you by surprise but it will be a great one!

We had another great meal at Chapulin inside of the Presidente Intercontinental. Chapulin means grasshopper and ironically that is one of the dishes on the menu, both Michael and I got a chance to try this insect delicacy. Michael however had the pleasure of sharing his thoughts about the exotic dish on television during a food tasting Q&A at the restaurant. In this interview, he sampled a dish a lot of things that I know he would NEVER eat at home but he was a trooper through it all.

Mexico even surprised me with a very popular BBQ restaurant. Since I am from Houston, I was skeptical but I would recommend Pinche Gringo to EVERYONE! The ribs were amazing and the atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming. The owner, Dan, took great care of us.

Following the food tasting interview, Michael had a one-on-one interview with bilingual reporter Gevrina Catalina. He was able to discuss his experience in Mexico and the places we’ve visited as well as about our own bilingual children and my mother's relationship with Mexico. Click here to watch the whole interview!

Mexico City was an amazing experience. It was an honor to represent the Rams and I loved watching him during all of the promotional experiences.

Overall, this trip was great. It was wonderful watching my husband represent the Rams and meet fans but the culture and city was a phenomenal treat. I would recommend Mexico City, Mexico as a place to visit, I will be going back for a vacation very soon!


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