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#PetitenPretty - Makeup Review

I’m not sure how many of you have little girls who love to be in their makeup but Kaela TELLS me she is going to use my makeup to do her face. Whenever I am getting my makeup done, she is mesmerized and watches very intently. Whenever I do my makeup myself, she will grab my brushes to make sure hers is done as well. I’m just glad she usually tells me that I have done a good job. If her brother ever tries to take her makeup or mine out of her hands, she reminds him“GIRLS ONLY!” We are raising a true diva already!

According to my mom, MaKaela takes after me. I started playing in makeup at her age and loved all the things she loves bows, pink and tutus. She is at the age where she can dress herself without any help and that outfit will usually include a colorful tutu. I try to only revise her outfit if she has overdone it a little but overall she usually matches things well.

I knew if I didn’t find something for her, I would have to start buying double makeup to make sure we both had what we “needed.”

A fellow #NFLwife introduced me Petite ‘n Pretty, I was excited to have her try something so I could try to steer her attention away from my makeup. However, as soon as I got our care package, I fell in LOVE with all the products she got. Her box came with lip glosses, lipsticks, two eye shadows, clear mascara and bronze body glitter.

MaKaela’s reaction to seeing her goodie box was priceless.

She was so happy about having her very own makeup and it just shows the kind of girl I am working with. I thought most toddlers would be excited about toys but she loves her makeup and I’ve already had to purchase more. I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. The colors compliment her skin and nothing looked too grown-up or too heavy.

I am so glad we found these wonderful products for my little girl and I can't wait to see what they come up with next!


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