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#WillowPump vs #ElviePump

Hello Mommas! I had such a great response from my videos regarding the latest breast pumps available so I wanted to write a blog so that you would understand my experience with pumping and keep the conversation going. WHATEVER you choose to do that works for you, your baby and your family is always going to be best. This is just a reflection on what has worked for my family and me.

As you know, MaKaela was an IVF success story but breastfeeding with her was not happening! She got a bit of the clear colostrum (comes before breastmilk drops) but I could not get my milk to produce at all. As a new mom, I decided that formula would be the best for her since I could not get my milk to come in and my baby was hungry. I was able to produce a little so I would try to sneak a little in her cereal or in her bottle when I could.

Having Makhi so quickly after MaKaela made things a little easier. I was able to get my milk to come in and I nursed him for about 2 ½ months until we took a trip and I only had the Medela pump that required a plug. I did not feel like packing that whole thing plus two little ones so I stopped nursing and switched to formula. This third time around has truly been a charm! Through trial and error, I have found what works best for me to breastfeed as well as all the cracked and sore nipples and even increasing my milk supply.

After trying a lot of methods, I now only use a lactation tea to increase my milk supply. My favorite is Mother’s Milk by Traditional Medicinals. I try to have a 2-3 cups per day and its great with a little lemon added. I buy in bulk from Amazon but I have seen them in some grocery stores as well. When you increase your supply, it can only mean more nursing so I can not go without Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream and their nursing pads that I get from Target.

Even with all my tricks, breastfeeding with two other little ones needing my attention was harder than I imagined. I was at my breaking point because it was hard to devote 30 minus to sit, pump and be connected to bottles, wires and plugs. The worst part was I looked like a cow being milked! It does not matter at all about having three kids, I still want to look attractive to my hubby!

I love breastfeeding because I know it gives my son the best nutrition possible and it helps my stomach slim back down (GREAT BONUS). However, I just knew I had to find an easier way so I was willing to try anything. When I saw an ad for Wilow, I was amazed and ordered it immediately. While it made life SO MUCH BETTER, there were things that I still didn’t like so decided to try Elvie.

Elvie is cordless, fits in my bra and unlike Willow, it allows you to pump into reusable plastic bottles instead of the very expensive bags you can only use once. The Willow bags are also oversized so if you don’t tuck them in just right there will be an error message. I liked the bags in theory because it made it easier to freeze milk and that allows the milk last up to 6 months but the error messages were too much.

The best part about the Elvie is it fits so well that it is unnoticeable. The Willow fits but makes you look like an H cup instead of an Elvie C cup.

#Willowpump in use :)


#ElviePump in use :)

#ElviePump box contents with a little hand sneaking in :)

Both products make breastfeeding so much easier and give me the ability to make it to at least 6 months if not 9 months before we switch to formula. Even though I would love to still nurse, Makael being the picky baby he is, prefers a bottle. I love being able to see his personality come out already and I’m thankful we found something that gives him what he needs and helps me feel great!


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