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Summers are for CAMPs!

This year, Michael and I hosted our second annual free football camp for our hometown of Houston. We might be in LA for most of the year but Houston is home and very important to us. It is where we met, went to high school and where I was born and raised. My daddy was also , my daddy was born and raised in a small country town outside of Houston and all my family and friends live in Houston today. Though my mother isn’t originally from the area, (she grew up in Wisconsin), she has adopted the city and now calls it home. I know I’m biased but everything about my city is amazing- the residents, the food, the culture. There is nothing like the south! I’m also a proud Houston-area business-owner. Senior Helpers is thriving and having my business based there make the city I love even more important to me.

With all of this history, there was no place we would rather have our camp and give back through our foundation. Even though we had camp last year, I still didn’t fully know what to expect but when I saw so many kids ready to go it was rewarding and made me even more proud of my husband and his ability to get a larger turnout at his high school. When you plan these camps, this is what you hope for. You want to be able to give back, encourage students and have everyone leave a stronger person and more enlightened then when they came.

Watching the kids smile and interact with Michael is so much fun and what makes my day. These kids are able to get encouragement and mentorship from someone who is from exactly where they are now. I know that’s something that made a difference in Michael’s life and its cool to see him embrace that role now to the next generation.

Overall, it was an amazing time and while we were there, I was already thinking about next year, serving more kids and being able to continue to build on what we have already done.


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