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Super Bowl!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

After playing for seven years, my husband and his teammates finally made it to the ultimate game! The NFC championship game was played in a very special place but it made me nervous, because the last time we were in New Orleans, we lost. This time, however, the energy was different and we won the game!

Most people were able to watch the game and then go about their regular lives but I feel like our lives went on overdrive as soon as the Rams won! We had less than two weeks to figure out travel, tickets, hotels and enjoy the moment! Being pregnant and chasing two little ones, made everything a little more challenging but I'm thankful to have the experience of it all.

Arriving in Atlanta, I had quickly get settled and then headed straight to the Off-the-Field Players Wives Association Fashion Show. This long-standing tradition has been raising money for local charities for 18 years. It was an honor to represent the organization on the red carpet and you can see more by clicking below!

After the show, I made sure the kids knew how historic Atlanta was by visiting the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial. Seeing this piece of history made the trip even more special and hopefully they will remember this once they see the pictures we took.

The game may have not ended the way we wanted, but it was such an amazing experience for my family!


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