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#ThrowbackPost My Preseason Baby!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Ever wonder what happens when your baby is due in August but your husband plays football?

The life of being married to an NFL player can seem glamorous to many people. However, it doesn’t always come with the glitz and the glam. It takes a LOT of sacrifices and a LOT of work. When you add a newborn in the midst of that, your work load gets 1,000 times harder. Especially if that newborn makes her arrival in the MIDDLE of training camp and the week before LA training! Yes, that was Princess MaKaela! Training Camp in the NFL (for those who do not know) is crunch time for our guys. Cuts are made, hard practices and workouts are done and then they have the critical preseason games. It puts so much pressure on them to get and/or keep their position.

As a wife and mother that’s where my sacrifice comes in. As much as I wanted to pull my husband's ass out of bed in the middle of the night saying “it’s your turn, honey," I knew that the amount of sleep he received could affect how he performed that next morning. However, there were some nights where I know he wanted to help his two favorite ladies and while I'm grateful for that, I know he needs his rest. Training camp definitely creates a ‘part-time’ single mommy mode.

As we were preparing for our daughter's arrival, we were very concerned about baby blues or postpartum depression. This is such a struggle for so many women and especially with first time moms. I'm thankful we created a plan and I am so blessed to have the support of our families.

Since we all knew my due date was August 13th and that was the EXACT day the Michael's team was leaving to LA for additional training. We made the decision to get induced five days before so Michael could be there. My mother and two brothers flew to St. Louis on the day of my induction and stayed for the week. I knew that this help would not last forever so I tried to cherish those moments and enjoy the extra sleep! My daughter is now six weeks old and her night schedule gets better every day. She is allowing mommy and daddy to have better sleep but the sacrifices that my new baby require are very worth it! Though the time of her birth came at a hectic time for our schedules, we know she couldn’t have come at a better time. She is God's gift to us and my little family are in this journey together.

(Editor's note - This post originally appeared on Faith's previous blog and was originally published in September 2015)

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