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You Posted a Black Box, Now What? #BlackLivesMatter

I have tried to find the words to tell people how I am feeling. As the mother of two adorable Black boys, I feel scared for them. As the wife of an amazing Black man, I don't want him out of my sight. As the sister of two brilliant Black men, I feel like I can't pray enough for their safety.

I thought we were in a crazy time being stuck inside during the COVID-19 crisis but the recent murders and protests have taken things to a whole other level. I have been excited by the crowds taking to the streets to protest things that the Black community has known for centuries. We have known we are treated differently by society and we have known that our sons, husbands, and brothers have to be more careful than their non-Black friends in any public situation or police encounter.

You may not agree with the way people protest but I never want to tell people how to work through their pain and anguish. People are hurting and showing their hurt is slowly changing things. Black people aren't the only ones who know that #BlackLivesMatter. I am seeing allies from around the world understand that all lives CAN'T matter until Black lives do.

I am proud of those who have taken this time to learn and have been bold enough to share black squares on Tuesday but there is so much more you can do. This is NOT a complete list but some of the things I would start with.

  1. Register to VOTE, Confirm you are Registered, and ACTUALLY VOTE! So many people complain about our leaders but don't actually put the work into to research and vote for someone better! Learn more by clicking here.

  2. Sign a Petition. This is a great way to show our leaders that you stand in support of the families who have lost a loved one and are demanding change. Click here to sign one for #GeorgeFloyd. Click here to sign one for #BreonnaTaylor. Click here to sign one for #AhmaudArbery

  3. Donate! I know that there are so many people who are out of work right now but every little bit helps. I know that some bail funds have been overwhelmed with the gift levels but this link lets you split your investment across a ton of worthy organizations.

  4. Keep TALKING - Keep having the conversations and keep asking questions. Give yourself grace and leave space in your life for others to be angry, frustrated, numb, sad, scared or depressed.

I would love to know what you have done so far and what you are excited to do next! Let's keep this momentum going together. #BlackLivesMatter, especially the ones I'm responsible for :)


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